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We have well equipped plant located at Ban Majra (Punjab)–Industrieal Area, Kurali
Plant is having mechanized conveying system & equipped with most modern pulverising unit connected with screw conveyors & having automatic sieve grading & screening system. The plant has well equipped in-house laboratory.


Advantages of Barium Based Inoculant
  • Barium based inoculant, is known to improve graphite nucleation and reduce fading effect. Suitable for most applications, and specially for applications involving long holding periods, the combination of Calcium and Barium give most efficient chill control.
  • Produces high number of graphite nodules in ductile iron casting
  • Reduces porosity defect due to uniform graphitization.
  • Homogeneous precipitation of graphite in gray iron casting, while avoiding under cooled graphite
  • Standard sizes : 2 - 6 mm, 2 - 4 mm, 0.5 - 2 mm, 0.2 - 0.7 mm & Can also supply according to customer's requirement.
  • Standard Packing: 40 Kgs Bags.
S.No. Grade Si% Ca% Ba% Sr% Zr% Al%
1 Ba Based 70-75 0.8-1.2 2.0-3.0 - - 1.5max
2 Ca 70-73 0.8-1.2 - - - 1.5max